Many organisations have worked together to make this portal possible. These partners have made their collections searchable for the portal.




Cogis is an expert institute that specialises in the social and psychological consequences of war, persecution and violence.


Museum BronbeekBronbeek Museum

The Bronbeek Museum focuses on the Netherlands' colonial past. The museum has a particular focus on the influence of the government on colonial society and the actions of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL).



IHBCIndies Commemoration Centre

The Indies commeration centre is the Indies memory for the future. It keeps the memory alive of the events on the Second World War and the subsequent proces of decolonization. These events had a large impact on the lifes of the Indies people.


The Royal Netherlands Institute for Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) collects information about and stimulates research into former and current Dutch overseas territories. The KITLV has a large collection of photos, books, drawings and maps. Since 2014 the collection is managed by the University Libraries Leiden.


Since 1956 the Indies magazine Moesson, formerly also known as 'Onze Brug' (Our Bridge) and 'Tong Tong' reports comprehensively about developments within the Indies community in- and outside the Netherlands

mumaMoluccan Historic Museum Foundation

The MHM Foundation wants to stimulate and propagate knowlegde about the Moluccan people and her history, art and culture. The foundation collects, preserves, researches and presents the heritage of the Moluccan community in the Netherlands. Since 2012 the Museum Maluku has been closed. You can consult the collections on the foundation’s website.




Museon is a museum that caters for a wide audience, by focusing on mankind and man’s role in society, and exchanging information on current topics in the worlds of nature, culture, science and technology.




 Nationaal ArchiefNationaal Archief

In its capacity as the 'national memory', the Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands manages the archives of the national government and those belonging to individuals of national importance.




KB_National Library of the Netherlands

The National Library of the Netherlands exists to serve everyone who wants to have access to books, newspapers, magazines, electronic publications, CD-ROMs and websites. The Library functions as a gateway to a huge amount of information, including information that is not in the Library’s own collections.



NMMNational Military Museum

The National Military Museum aims to stimulate broad public interest and engagement in the issue of what the armed forces have meant to the Netherlands over the centuries..

 nfmNederlands Fotomuseum

The 'Nederlands Fotomuseum' manages a large part of the photographic heritage of the Netherlands and is the knowledge centre for photograhpy in our country. The Fotomuseum's activities serve professionals, art and culture lovers, lovers of photography and education



NIMH_bewerktNetherlands Institute for Military History (NIMH)

The Netherlands Institute for Military History (NIMH) is a specialised expert and research centre in the field of Dutch military history.





Instituut voor Beeld en GeluidNetherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is one of the largest audio-visual archives of Europe. The Institute preserves over 800,000 hours of radio, television, film and music. Sound and Vision collects, preserves and opens the audiovisual heritage for as many users as possible: media professionals, education, science and the general public.




 niod_bewerktNIOD, Netherlands Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocides studies

The scope of the NIOD is the 20th and 21st century. NIOD focusses on the effects of wars, the Holocaust and other genocides on the individual and on society.



rode-kruisNetherlands Red Cross

The objective of the Netherlands Red Cross is to contribute to a peaceful, tolerant and humane world by assisting those people whose lives, health, welfare or dignity are under threat.

prentenkabinet LeidenPrentenkabinet Leiden

The 'Prentenkabinet'/Study and documentation Centre for Photography (SDCF) is a public organisation, part of the University Libraries Leiden





 pacePapua Cultural Heritage Foundation

The goal of PACE is to collect, describe and categorise Papuan heritage, including artefacts, films, photographs and stories. PACE cooperates with private persons, musea and religious institutions.





STichting PelitaPelita Foundation

The Pelita Foundation offers assistance to victims of the war with Japan and the Bersiap period.






In the 'Tropenmuseum', (museum of the tropics) you make a journey though time and get acquinted with various cultures and everyday life of far away people. All kinds of cultures will come to live by marvelous works of art, special utensils, photos, music and film in the permanent and temporary exhibitions.

prentenkabinet LeidenUniversity Libraries Leiden

In 2013 the Library of the Royal Institute of the Tropics (KIT) in Amsterdam was closed. Part of the collection concerning the former Dutch colonies was incorporated in the University Libraries Leiden.